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Talking Heads - Speaking in Tongues

This month's classic record is the 1983 rock masterpiece 'Speaking In Tongues' by the monumental Talking Heads.

The album follows their Brian Eno produced landmark 'Remain in Light' (1980), and this is the sequel that record deserves. Containing the hits 'Burning Down the House' and the anthemic 'This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)', the album cements David Byrne and the gang as true masters of contemporary rock genre-blending and songwriting. 

The band's focus on layering world-music rhythms and themes creates a likeable yet complex dynamic that brought the band to number one in the charts across the globe. The creative dynamics on display show the band honing in on their driving rock sound whilst ensuring the blend is never stale or repetitive. This nine-track epic contains extended, longer songs in the same vein as those on its predecessor,  yet remains focused while still experimenting with their established rock sounds and tastes.

It is undoubtably one of the finest Talking Heads albums and is a must for all music lovers alike.

'Speaking In Tongues' is available now in the store, alongside both David Byrne's and Talking Heads other works.

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