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The new queen of chamber pop delivers a second helping of the brilliance of ‘Titanic Rising’.

Considering that its predecessor was one of the best albums of the 2010s, ‘And In Darkness, Hearts Aglow’ had pretty big shoes to fill. But we’re happy to report that Weyes Blood has brought another solid batch of songs that mirror the style of TR but with a few surprises and experiments in the mix.

'It’s Not Just Me, It’s Everybody’ kicks the record off with a suite of collective melancholia as Weyes conceptually picks up where she left off in 2019. It’s a great opener and another gem in her growing catalogue of glistening ballads.

‘God Turn Me Into a Flower’ is the centrepiece and highlight of the album as it transitions perfectly from a minimal and hypnotic first half to an organic sample of birds, trees and wind. It’s a beautiful and forward-thinking moment for Weyes and her aesthetic, and should hopefully inspire further songs considering the sheer grandeur of the piece.

Besides that, highlights include the excellent closer ’The Worst Is Done’ and ‘Children of the Empire’.

Otherwise, the album functionally only has two halves with four songs each with some Interludes to break up the flow. This appears to be the standard structure for the records in the series. This is the second instalment in an apparent trilogy of records set to conclude with the next release, which is equally exciting and a shame considering the quality of the material presented so far.

‘And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow’ and ‘Front Row Seat to Earth’ are available in the Store now. 

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