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Weyes Blood’s music is as immediate as it is beautiful, and we couldn’t recommend it more highly. Natalie Mering has risen to prominence with an original and powerful blend of contemporary themes alongside a modernisation of singer-songwriter ideals. This combination creates a series of compelling, beautiful records that place her as one of the brightest stars of the indie era. We can’t think of anyone better to take us into a new decade.

Mering first came onto the scene as the bassist for Jackie O Motherfucker, and proceeded to release two independent records in the early to mid-2010s. It is with her 2016 breakthrough, ‘Front Row Seat to Earth’ that a new wave of fans and critics took notice of the quality and thought on display. It is a singer-songwriter record with both environmental conciseness and ethereal swirls of sounds, a mix that is continued and expanded upon with the 2019 critical superstar, ‘Titanic Rising’, which is heralded as her best release so far.

The album is surrounded in melancholia regarding the confusion induced by the state of modern living, which is best heard on the opening track, ‘A Lot’s Gonna Change’. The opener serves as the perfect statement to feed into the ebb and flow of the album as the production adds layer on layer of pristine instrumentation. Everything from Natalie’s voice to the beautiful string sections, it is all crystal clear, and shines brightest on ‘Movies’, the album's centrepiece and sonic high. The album is a rare example of deserving critical applause while building on the artist's thematic back catalogue.

For newcomers, start with Titanic Rising, and work your way backwards through this immaculate discography. With plenty of room to grow, Weyes Blood will likely become an indie superstar in the years to come. She has already landed support slots with Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, and now is the perfect time to jump on the train.

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