A.R. Kane | Artist

A.R. Kane | Artist

Tags: Era_1980s, Genre_Pop_Rock, Origin_UK, Type_Artist

A.R. Kane was a British musical duo formed 1986 in East London by Alex Ayuli (vocals, guitar) and Rudy Tambala (vocals, guitar). The duo had formerly been in the group M/A/R/R/S which enjoyed success with the dance hit "Pump up the Volume". After releasing two early EPs to critical acclaim, A.R. Kane topped the UK Independent Chart with their debut album 69, and their second album "i" was also a top 10 hit. The Complete Singles Collection, released by One Little Indian in 2012, is a highly recommended compilation of their singles and EPs. Ayuli is believed to have coined the term "dream pop" to describe their sound in the late 1980s which drew on diverse sources such as dub, psych, free jazz and house. Critics point to the band's profound influence on succeeding "shoegaze" bands such as My Bloody Valentine. The Guardian called A.R. Kane's work "some of the 80s' most extraordinary music" and noted their influence on many subsequent artists. A version of the band led by Tambala reformed in 2015 and is still active, having changed its name to Jübl in 2018.

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