Abbey Lincoln | Artist

Abbey Lincoln | Artist

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Anna Marie Wooldridge aka Abbey Lincoln was an American jazz vocalist, songwriter and actress born 1930 in Chicago, Illinois. With her distinctive voice, profound lyrics, and captivating stage presence, Lincoln made an indelible mark on the world of music and remains a revered figure in jazz history. Lincoln's early life was marked by a love for music and respect for the great jazz and swing vocalist Billie Holiday. She began singing in nightclubs in Los Angeles, where she adopted the stage name Abbey Lincoln, and soon caught the attention of prominent figures in the jazz scene. Her breakthrough came when she was discovered by bandleader Benny Carter, who helped launch her career in the late 1950s. Lincoln evolved from a traditional jazz singer to a bold and innovative artist with a singing style characterized by its emotional depth, intimate phrasing, and a keen sense of storytelling. She often incorporated elements of blues and gospel music into her performances, creating a unique and compelling sound that resonated with audiences and critics alike. In addition to her exceptional vocal talents, Lincoln was also a gifted songwriter. Her compositions addressed a wide range of social and political issues, including civil rights, freedom, and personal empowerment. Her lyrics were honest, thought-provoking, and deeply personal, reflecting her own experiences and her unwavering commitment to social justice. As a prominent African American artist, she used her platform to advocate for equality and change. She was actively involved in the civil rights movement and used her music as a vehicle for expressing the struggles and triumphs of the African American community. In the 1960s, Lincoln's career took a turn towards acting, and she appeared in several films, including "Nothing But a Man" (1964) and "For Love of Ivy" (1968), for which she received critical acclaim. Despite her success in the film industry, Lincoln continued to record music and perform throughout her life. One of Lincoln's most celebrated albums is We Insist! Max Roach's Freedom Now Suite (1960), a powerful and politically charged collaboration with drummer Max Roach, addressed the struggle for civil rights and racial equality, solidified Lincoln's reputation as a fearless artist unafraid to tackle difficult subjects through her music. She was also married to Max Roach between the years 1962-1970. Abbey Lincoln passed away on August 14, 2010, leaving a catalogue of over 20 studio albums, plus live albums and singles. Standout releases incle Abbey is Blue (1959), Straight Ahead (1961), People in Me (1973), You Gotta Pay the Band (1991), A Turtle's Dream (1995), and Abbey Sings Abbey (2007). In the 1990 Spike Lee movie Mo' Better Blues, Abbey Lincoln played the young Bleek's mother, Lillian.

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