Adrian Borland | Artist

Adrian Borland | Artist

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Adrian Kelvin Borland was an English singer, songwriter, guitarist and record producer born 1957 in Hampstead, London. He is best known as the frontman of Post-Punk band The Sound who were active between 1979-1988. He released many excellent albums under his own name and as a member of bands including The Sound, Adrian Borland and the Citizens, The Outsiders and Second Layer. The Sound made 5 studio albums, highlighted by the first two; Jeopardy (1980) and From the Lion's Mouth (1981), which are both excellent. However the band's refusal to make commercial music eventually forced their split up, with Borland relocating to the Netherlands to form Adrian Borland and the Citizens, who released 2 albums. As a soloist Borland released 4 studio albums, with standouts being Beautiful Ammunition (1994), 5:00 AM (1997), and Harmony and Destruction (2002). Also highly recommended is the 2006 archival release The Amsterdam Tapes. Borland's musical creativity also saw him active in a number of side projects including Honolulu Mountain Daffodils, Second Layer, White Rose Transmission, and The Witch Trials with Jello Biafra. Borland finally succumbed to symptoms of schizoaffective disorder and died by suicide by jumping in front of a train on 26 April 1999. Borland's work has enjoyed an increasingly appreciative critical reception and a lasting fan base.

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