Carsick Cars | Artist

Carsick Cars | Artist

Tags: Era_2000s, Genre_Indie, Origin_China, Type_Artist

Carsick Cars is a Chinese indie rock trio formed 2005 in Beijing by Zhang Shouwang (vocals, guitar, piano), Li Weisi (bass) and Li Qing (drums). In 2010 He Fan from Birdstriking became the new bassist and Houzi became the new drummer. The band released their self-titled debut album in 2007 in China and Australia, gaining critical praise and comparisons, stylistically, to Sonic Youth. The band joined Sonic Youth for their European tour in Prague and Vienna in 2007. Outstanding albums include Carsick Cars, You Can Listen You Can Talk and 3. Carsick Cars is one of the small but growing number of Chinese rock bands having some success internationally.

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