Tyler the Creator | Igor | Album

Tyler the Creator | Igor | Album

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Tyler, The Creator "Igor" (2019)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Columbia, US, 2019, 19075965221, First Issue, Gatefold Sleeve

IGOR is the Fifth studio album from rap industry mogul Tyler, The Creator. Following his 2017 critical breakthrough, Scum Fuck Flower Boy, Tyler publicly aimed to surpass himself on this record. At a brief 39 minutes, the album is a concise conceptual experience centred around Tyler being in a dysfunctional love triangle. It yielded Tyler universal acclaim and a long-desired Grammy. The album features veterans and newcomers alike, from Kanye West to Solange to Slowthai, the tasteful incorporation of artists into the concept of the album without compromising its integrity. The vinyl release has the extra track "Boyfriend" which is a perfect addition to the track-listing. This album is a great listen for fans of Tyler or just those who favour great conceptual albums.

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