Coroner | Artist

Coroner | Artist

Tags: Era_1980s, Genre_Metal, Origin_Switzerland, Type_Artist

Coroner is a Swiss thrash metal band formed 1983 in Zürich by Marquis Marky (drums), Tommy Ritter (guitar), Phil Puzctai (bass), and Pete Attinger (vocals). Within a year the lineup reshaped into a trio format with Marky on drums along with Ron "Royce" Broder (bass, vocals), and Tommy Baron (guitar). Coroner were originally road crew for Celtic Frost. They eventually cut their own songs, recording their demo Death Cult in 1986 with Tom G. Warrior of Celtic Frost on vocals. Their first full-length album R.I.P., released in 1987, featured bass player Ron Broder on vocals and he assumed the role for the rest of the group's existence. Despite releasing a string of excellent albums between 1987-1995, they garnered relatively little attention outside of Europe and broke up in 1996, but reformed 14 years later. Musically, Coroner evolved from a speed metal band, with gothic and classical overtones like Celtic Frost and Bathory into a technical metal band. Their first five album releases are all standouts: R.I.P. (1987), Punishment for Decadence (1988), No More Color (1989), Mental Vortex (1991), and Grin (1993). Along with Voivod and Watchtower, Coroner has been credited for helping pioneer the subgenre of "technical thrash metal" - also called "progressive thrash metal" - during the mid-to-late 1980s. The band has performed at multiple live venues and festivals around worldwide since 2011, and plans to release their first studio album in three decades in 2023.

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