Darkspace | Artist

Darkspace | Artist

Tags: Era_2000s, Gender_Combo, Genre_Ambient, Genre_Metal, Origin_Switzerland, Type_Artist

Darkspace is a Swiss ambient black metal band formed 1999 in Bern, Switzerland by Wroth (vocals, guitar), Zorgh (bass, vocals) and Zhaaral (guitar, vocals). Wroth aka Tobias "Wintherr" Möckl also releases solo works under the name Paysage D'Hiver. The band's lyrics are about space, darkness and cosmic mysticism. Their vocals are sporadic isolated samples from space-themed films like Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey, Event Horizon and the film Alien. To-date they have released four studio albums, attracting very positive critical praise. One reviewer describes their atmospheric dark-ambient sound as "two guitars playing tremolo-picked riffs and blizzard-style walls of noise, one barely audible bass, one relentlessly blasting drum machine buried deep in the mix, opaque keyboards, and indecipherable wails". All their albums are consistently strong, however the third, Darkspace III attracts the highest critical praise. Interestingly, the public announcement for the release of their fourth album was broadcast via morse code.

Artist Website: darkcyberspace.com

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