Accessory | Pro-Ject Connect-it Speaker Cable

Accessory | Pro-Ject Connect-it Speaker Cable

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Pro-Ject Connect-it Phono Cable

Pro-Ject Audio Systems is known for its beautiful range of price-friendly turntables and hi-fi components. Your vinyl sound can be improved by reducing interference, ensuring your music arrives free of external noise.

System Features:

  • Audiophile grade Speaker connectors
  • Black braided outer sheath
  • top-grade carbon banana plugs to ensure best connectivity
  • Four 0,96mm² Solid Core Oxygen free copper conductors
  • 2M or 3M lengths
  • Includes a pair of cables
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

$4.90 shipping within Australia.

Manufacturer's Product Details:

(Product only available in Australia)