Amon Düül II | Artist

Amon Düül II | Artist

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Amon Düül II is a German Kosmiche rock band formed 1968 in Munich by founding lineup Chris Karrer (violin, guitar, banjo, soprano saxophone, Mellotron, maracas, vocals), John Weinzierl (guitar, bass, piano, vocals), Peter Leopold (drums, percussion, tambourine, piano, vocals, synthesizer), Renate Knaup (vocals, tambourine), Falk-Ulrich Rogner (organ, clavinet, harmonium, synthesizer, electronics), Christian "Shrat" Thierfeld (bongos, vocals, violin), Dave Anderson (bass), Christian Burchard (vibraphone), and Dieter Serfas (drums, cymbals). Emerging from the radical left-wing West German commune scene, alongside future members of the outlaw Red Army Faction, Amon Duul II were pioneers of the West German Krautrock scene. The core members who continued with the band for many decades were Chris Karrer, Peter Leopold, John Weinzierl, Falk-Ulrich Rogner and Renate Knaup. The original Amon Düül collective split into two "factions" in 1970, carrying on as two different bands. Amon Düül was more experimental and non structured and they folded in 1972 leaving four studio albums, the highpoint of which is Paradieswärts Düül (1970). The more successful offshoot, Amon Düül II, was focussed more on musical proficiency and their heavy rock style became what is generally considered to be one of the foundations of the "Krautrock" music genre which was characterised by heavy repetitive rhythms, psychedelic instrumentation and long jam-like song structures. Their first album Phallus Dei ('God's Phallus'), released in 1969, consisted of pieces drawn from the group's live set at the time. Their second album, the magnificent Yeti (1970), saw them introducing arranged compositions along with the bluesy violin and guitar jams such as the long improvised title track. The next album Tanz der Lemminge (1971) was based on four extended progressive rock suites. By this time bassist Anderson had returned to England and joined Hawkwind, to be replaced by Lothar Meid. Still touring widely, they recorded the excellent Live in London album in late 1972 and that same year released their last masterpiece album Wolf City. They continued to release albums up until 2014's Duulirium. Outstanding albums include Phallus Dei, Yeti, Dance of The Lemmings, Wolf City and Live in London. Amon Duul II will always be remembered for their superb early albums, in particular Yeti which was described by British magazine The Wire as "one of the cornerstones of the entire Krautrock movement."

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