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B-52's | The B-52's | Album

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B-52's "The B-52's" (1979)

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Debut studio album by the Athens, Georgia-based new wave band B-52's, originally released in 1979. The kitschy lyrics and mood, and the hook-laden harmonies helped establish a fanbase for the band, who went on to release several chart-topping singles such as "Rock Lobster". This quintet of mostly gay, party-loving, college-town dropouts—which included Wilson’s sister Cindy on percussion and vocals, vocalist Fred Schneider, and drummer Keith Strickland—had plenty of time to put together weird party outfits and draw from Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies during jam sessions. They absorbed the lean styles of punk and post-punk—a music of provocation, antagonism, anger—and subverted it with color, American postwar iconography, and a gleeful refusal to be anything but who they were. A classic.

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