Babasonicos | Artist

Babasonicos | Artist

Tags: Era_1990s, Genre_Latin, Genre_Pop_Rock, Genre_Psych, Origin_Argentina, Type_Artist

Babasónicos is an Argentine rock band formed 1991 in Buenos Aires by Adrian Dargelos (lead vocals), Diego "Uma" Rodríguez (multi-instrumentalist, vocals), Mariano Roger (lead guitar, vocals), Diego Tunon (keyboards), Gabriel Manelli (bass), and Diego "Panza" Castellano (drums). In later years the band was joined by multi-instrumentalist Carca, and Tuta Torres replaced Manelli on bass. They became one of the banner groups of the "sonic rock" underground movement in Argentina in the late 1990s along with others such as Peligrosos Gorriones and Los Brujos. Influenced by British's Baggy/Madchester, Shoegaze and Neo-Psychedelia, bands, most importantly, the "sonic rock" movement rejected every norm or standard that the past two decades of "rock nacional" had settled. A prolific recording band, Babasonicos has released 19 studio albums, 3 live albums and numerous EP's and Singles to-date. Standout albums include Trance zomba (1994), Babasonica (1997), Miami (1999), Jessico (2001) and Mucho (2008). The album Jessico was a turning point in the band's career, as well as their most successful and acclaimed album. That album showed the band re-inventing themselves into a more concise, straight-forward, pop influenced sound without loosing their quirky, psychedelic, provocateur tendencies. The singles "Los Calientes", "El Loco" and "Deléctrico" became massive successes and acted as a shred of lushness, glamour and danceability, at a time of dreadful political oppression in Argentina. Thanks to this, Babasónicos would become one of Argentina's top bands, reaching massive mainstream success and morphing their career from cult-phenomenon directly into rock stars.

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