Barbez | Artist

Barbez | Artist

Tags: Era_2010s, Gender_Combo, Genre_Experimental, Genre_Folk, Origin_USA, Type_Artist

Barbez is an American experimental folk band formed 1997 in New York City by Dan Kaufman (guitar), Pamelia Kurstin (theremin), Dan Coates (bass, electronics), Shahzad Ismaily (drums, melodica), Danny Tunick (marimba, vibraphone) and Ksenia Vidyaykina (vocals). The group's eclectic repertoire includes Russian folk songs, the music of Kurt Weill, Black Sabbath and The Residents. Their latest project For Those who Came After: Songs of Resistance From The Spanish Civil War is a collaboration with singer Velina Brown. Outstanding albums, in addition to the aforementioned, include Insignificance and Bella Ciao.

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