Beach House | Artist

Beach House | Artist

Tags: Era_2000s, Gender_Combo, Genre_Indie, Genre_Psych, Origin_USA, Type_Artist

Beach House is an American dream pop duo formed 2004 in Baltimore, Maryland, by vocalist and keyboardist Victoria Legrand and guitarist, keyboardist, and backup vocalist Alex Scally. Their music is composed of vocals over organ, programmed drums and slide guitar, with Legrand's psych vocal style being likened to Nico. Their first two lo-fi albums generated mild interest but their third 2010's Teen Dream released on Sub-Pop was their big breakthrough album, generating rave reviews and a large cult following. The next album Bloom, while not quite to the standard of the previous, is nonetheless superb also. The band has gone on to deliver seven studio albums to-date, the latest being the excellent 7 from 2018. Other standout releases include Devotion and the two EPs Daytrotter Session and iTunes Session.

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