Between | Artist

Between | Artist

Tags: Era_1970s, Genre_Kosmische, Genre_World, Origin_Germany, Type_Artist

Between was a German Kosmiche/New Age group founded 1970 in Munich by Peter Michael Hamel and Ulrich Stranz, guitarist Roberto Détrée, and oboist Robert Eliscu. A year after formation the lineup grew to include percussionists Cotch Blackmon and Charles Campbell, flautist James Galway, and sound engineer Ulrich Kraus. The band's style was different from most Kosmiche groups at the time as it focussed on ethnic and world music coupled with improvisational jazz and chamber music styles. At the time of their involvement with the group, Robert Eliscu was the principal oboist with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, and Irishman James Galway was the principal flautist with the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra. Galway would go on to become a star of popular classical music. The band's music has been described as a cross between avant-garde classical music, new-age ambient, and b-movie soundtrack exotica. Before disbanding in 1980 the band released seven studio albums, standouts include Einstieg, And The Waters Opened, Dharana and Contemplation. The debut album Einstieg was released under the band name "Gruppe Beyond". Peter Michael Hamel has many solo albums to his credit, as well as modern classical works as a composer.

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