Black Sun Ensemble | Artist

Black Sun Ensemble | Artist

Tags: Era_1980s, Genre_Psych, Origin_USA, Type_Artist

Black Sun Ensemble was an American neo-psychedelic rock band formed 1985 in Tucson, Arizona, led by Jesus Acedo. Early in their career the band attracted cult status due to rave reviews from Rolling Stone magazine and the attention of actor Mickey Rourke who was friends with Jesus Acedo. There may also have been an incidence of animal sacrifice at one of their concerts. Acedo created his own tuning for electric guitar, he called the "Eye of Horus", which allowed him to create hauntingly dissonant, Arabesque melodies. Their first album, 1985's The Black Sun Orchestra, established their psychedelic "freak-folk" style, that one reviewer described as "a mescaline trip to the caves of the Mexican desert by way of Libya and Morocco". They followed up with some patchy releases, mainly on cassette, and it wasn't until 1989's Lambent Flame album that they regained some public attention. The band went on to release 19 studio albums, of widely varying consistency. Outstanding albums include The Black Sun Ensemble, Lambent Flame, Sky Pilot, Starlight and Bolt of Apollo. Jesus Acedo died on Sunday, March 3, 2013 at which point the band ceased to exist.

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