Blue Cheer | Artist

Blue Cheer | Artist

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Blue Cheer was an American heavy rock band formed in 1966 in San Francisco, California by Leigh Stephens (guitar, vocals), Dickie Peterson (bass, vocals) and Paul Whaley (drums). The instigator was Dickie Peterson, who had previously been with the band the Oxford Circle along with Paul Whaley and future Blue Cheer member Gary Lee Yoder. The founding trio lasted three years, after which the lineup underwent constant changes, including several reunions. Other notable players to pass through the ranks were guitarist/vocalist Randy Holden, drummer Mitch Mitchell (Hendrix Experience), bassist Nick St. Nicholas (Steppenwolf), guitarist Gary Lee Yoder (Oxford Circle, Kak), and drummer Prairie Prince (The Tubes). Many rock aficionados regard Blue Cheer as the first Heavy Metal band, based on their power trio riff-based attack and sheer volume. For a time Blue Cheer earned the distinction of "World's Loudest Band", thanks to their wall of Marshall amps. That distinction passed to Deep Purple when they were at their peak. At a 1968 concert the band was so loud that within just a few songs, much of the crowd in the front section was fleeing the hall. The band was managed by Allen "Gut" Terk, a former member of the Hells Angels who decided that the line-up should be a power trio configuration after seeing Jimi Hendrix perform at the Monterey Pop Festival. Blue Cheer's debut album, Vincebus Eruptum released in 1968, is considered a seminal work in the development of heavy metal. The album featured their iconic cover of Eddie Cochran's "Summertime Blues," which became their most well-known song. In their latter years, from 1989 to 1993, the band toured mainly in Europe, playing with classic rock acts: Mountain, Outlaws, Thunder, The Groundhogs, Ten Years After, Mucky Pup, Biohazard and others. Outstanding Blue Cheer albums include the classic first two, both from 1968; Vincebus Eruptum and Outsideinside, followed by the lesser releases New! Improved! Blue Cheer (1969) and The Original Human Being (1970). The compilation albums Louder Than God: The Best of Blue Cheer (1986), and Good Times Are So Hard to Find: The History of Blue Cheer (1988) come highly recommended, as does the 2012 archival release 7. Dickie Peterson released the excellent Child of Darkness solo album in 1997, and Randy Holden released some fine albums after his Blue Cheer days. Gary Lee Yoder, together with Dehner Patten from Oxford Circle, formed the band Kak and released one excellent self-titled album in 1969. Author Tim Hills in his book "The Many Lives of the Crystal Ballroom" describes Blue Cheer as "the epitome of San Francisco psychedelia". Jim Morrison of The Doors characterized the group as "the single most powerful band I've ever seen", and Eric Clapton defined them as "probably the originators of heavy metal". The name "Blue Cheer" was originally a laundry detergent and then a type of LSD created by Owsley Stanley.

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