Bo Hansson |  Artist

Bo Hansson | Artist

Tags: Era_1970s, Genre_Prog, Origin_Sweden, Type_Artist

Bo Hansson was a Swedish prog rock musician born 1943 in Gothenburg. He was an accomplished composer, organist and guitarist best known for his instrumental interpretations of Lord of The Rings and Watership Down. He was part of the psych-rock duo Hansson & Carlsson from 1966-69 then in the prog-rock band Fläsket Brinner from 1970. His solo works were popular in Sweden and were signed under the Charisma label and re-titled in English for distribution outside Scandinavia. Outstanding albums include Lord of the Rings (Sagan om Ringen), Magician's Hat (Ur trollkarlens hatt) and Watership Down (El-ahrairah).

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