Brinsley Schwarz | Artist

Brinsley Schwarz | Artist

Tags: Era_1970s, Genre_Pop_Rock, Origin_UK, Type_Artist

Brinsley Schwarz was an English pub rock band formed 1969 in Woodbridge, Suffolk, by Brinsley Schwarz (guitar), Nick Lowe (bass, vocals), Bob Andrews (keyboard) and Billy Rankin (drums). Ian Gomm (guitar, vocals) joined in 1970. The band evolved from the 1960s pop band Kippington Lodge which was formed by school friends Schwarz and Lowe. Early in their career the band shared a communal home in a large old house in Beaconsfield which was used as a rehearsal space by The Band (USA) who came to the UK as part of the Warner Brothers tour. The Band borrowed Brinsley Schwarz's instruments to rehearse. The Brinsley's were darlings of the pub rock scene and they released six enjoyable albums which, progressively, saw the rise of Lowe as frontman and songwriter. When the band split in 1975, Schwarz and Andrews joined Graham Parker & The Rumour, and both Lowe and Gomm pursued solo careers. Outstanding albums include Despite it All, Silver Pistol, Nervous on the Road and the excellent compilation Fifteen Thoughts of Brinsley Schwarz.

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