British Sea Power | Artist

British Sea Power | Artist

Tags: Era_2000s, Genre_Indie, Genre_Pop_Rock, Origin_UK, Type_Artist

British Sea Power is an English indie rock band formed 2000 in Brighton, East Sussex by Yan (vocals, guitar), Hamilton (bass, vocals), Noble (guitar), Wood (drums), Phil Sumner (cornet, keyboards). Abi Fry (viola) joined in 2008, and original member Eamon Hamilton left in 2006 to front the band Brakes. The band's wide ranging style has led critics to liken their sound to groups as diverse as The Cure, Joy Division, Pixies and Arcade Fire. Since 2014 the band has been incorporating brass bands into their recordings and performance work. Their debut album The Decline of British Sea Power was released in 2003 to wide critical acclaim, Since then they've released ten more studio albums including the excellent film soundtracks Man of Arran, From the Sea to the Land Beyond and Happiness. Other outstanding albums include Open Season, Sea of Brass and Disco Elysium from 2019, which is the soundtrack from the video game of the same name. For their 2022 album release Everything Was Forever, the band changed its name to simply "Sea Power".

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