Budgie | Artist

Budgie | Artist

Tags: Era_1960s, Genre_Metal, Genre_Prog, Origin_UK, Type_Artist

Budgie is a Welsh rock power trio formed 1967 in Cardiff by Burke Shelley (bass, vocals), Tony Bourge (guitar, vocals) and Ray Phillips (drums). They played some the heaviest rock of their day and are described by author Garry Sharpe-Young as one of the earliest heavy metal bands and a seminal influence to many acts of that scene, with fast, heavy rock being played as early as 1971. They also incorporated prog and even funk influences into their work. Their first five albums, released annually over the period 1971-75, are all excellent hard rock works from this greatly underrated power trio. Outstanding albums include Budgie, Squawk, Never Turn Your Back on a Friend, In For The Kill, Bandolier and the live archival album Heavier Than Air: Rarest Eggs.

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