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CAB | Artist

Tags: Era_2000s, Gender_Male, Genre_Fusion, Genre_Jazz, Origin_USA, Type_Artist

CAB is an American jazz fusion group founded 2000 in Los Angeles by Bunny Brunel (bass), Dennis Chambers (drums), and Tony MacAlpine (guitar). Other members who have been a part of CAB include Patrice Rushen (keyboards), Virgil Donati (drums), David Hirschfelder (keyboards) and jazz veteran Brian Auger. CAB are something of a supergroup given the pedigree of each member. French born Bunny Brunel has many fine solo albums to his name and played in the bands Secret Message, Surya and Volkor. Dennis Chambers has played in many notable bands including Front Page, Niacin, Santana and Uncle Moe's Space Ranch. Tony MacAlpine also has many solo releases and was a member of M.A.R.S., Planet X, and Devil's Slingshot. Since their formation they have released four studio albums and two live albums. Their second album, Cab 2, received a nomination for Best Contemporary Jazz Album at the 2002 Grammy Awards. The band provided a shot in the arm to the Fusion scene and recorded some of the better, more schooled jazz-rock at the time, taking influence from classic artists such as Tony Williams, Weather report and Return to Forever but bringing a contemporary polish to the music and a bright, rich studio sound. Standout releases include Cab (2000), Cab 2 (2001), Cab 4 (2003), Theatre de Marionnettes (2008), and Live! (2005). CAB is a different band from Las Vegas based emo-pop outfit The Cab.

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