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Car Seat Headrest is an American indie rock band formed 2010 in Leesburg, Virginia, and currently located in Seattle, Washington. The band consists of Will Toledo (vocals, guitar, piano), Ethan Ives (guitar, bass, backing vocals), Seth Dalby (bass), and Andrew Katz (drums, percussion). Beginning as a solo recording project by Toledo in 2010, Car Seat Headrest self-released 12 albums on Bandcamp before signing to Matador Records in 2015. The first album to receive widespread attention was 2011's My Back is Killing me Baby which has been described as "lo-fi catchy noise pop". The same year saw the release of Toledo's critically acclaimed album Twin Fantasy which was re-released by Matador in 2018 re-titled as Twin Fantasy (Face to Face). Other outstanding albums include Monomania, Nervous Young Man and Teens of Denial, all of which are considerably more hi-fi than the earlier work. Toledo's work is notable for his large online cult following.

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