Caribou | Artist

Caribou | Artist

Tags: Era_2000s, Genre_EDM, Genre_Electronic, Origin_Canada, Type_Artist

Daniel Snaith aka Caribou is a Canadian composer, musician, and recording artist born 1978 in Dundas, Ontario. Snaith has performed and recorded under the stage names Caribou, Manitoba and Daphni. He changed his name from Manitoba to Caribou when threatened with a lawsuit by Handsome Dick Manitoba of The Dictators. Snaith's music is a blend of psychedelic pop with busy percussion and floating vocals, creating a dreamy, floating effect. He knows how to mix a myriad different sounds and match them into a perfectly cohesive combination. Outstanding albums include Andorra, Swim and Our Love. Also the excellent album Up in Flames, originally released as Manitoba, was re-released as Caribou in 2013. As well as being an accomplised musician, Snaith has a doctorate in mathematics from Imperial College London for work on "Overconvergent Siegel Modular Symbols".

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