Cheap Trick | Artist

Cheap Trick | Artist

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Cheap Trick is an American rock band formed 1973 in Rockford, Illinois, by vocalist Robin Zander, guitarist Rick Nielsen, bassist Tom Petersson, and drummer Bun E. Carlos. Nielsen and Carlos were previously with the hard rock band Fuse. Cheap Trick have released 19 studio albums and became one of the most popular US power-pop, AOR bands of the late '70s and through the '80s. Their first two albums Cheap Trick and In Color, both from 1977, received critical praise but didn't sell well. But their third album Heaven Tonight (1978) made them the staple fare of MTV, FM Radio and the US College circuit for many years. The following album Dream Police was also extremely popular. Other outstanding albums include (live) At Budokan which went triple platinum in the United States.

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