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Chelsea Wolfe | Artist

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Chelsea Joy Wolfe is an American singer-songwriter and musician born 1983 in Sacramento, California. Her work has blended elements of gothic rock, doom metal, and folk music. In 2006 Wolfe recorded her first album but didn't release it as she wasn't happy with it. Her first widely released album was The Grime and the Glow from 2010, which hinted at her talent. Her next album Apokalypsis (using the Greek spelling) generated critical acclaim and earned her a strong cult following. Her sound has been described as "PJ Harvey, Nico and Nina Simone fronting Dead Can Dance mixed with some Joy Division and Pornography era Cure". Since then Wolfe has released five more studio albums, including the superb Abyss from 2015. Her atmospheric music has also been used in several big budget TV series' such as Game of Thrones, Fear the Walking Dead and How to Get Away With Murder. Outstanding albums include The Grime and The Glow, Apokalypsis, Pain is Beauty, Abyss and Hiss Spun.

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