Chris Knox | Artist

Chris Knox | Artist

Tags: Era_1980s, Genre_Indie, Origin_New_Zealand, Type_Artist

Chris Knox is a New Zealand indie rock musician, cartoonist and movie reviewer born 1952 in Invercargill. As well as being a solo artist, Knox was a member of NZ punk bands The Enemy and Toy Love, then he formed the group Tall Dwarfs with guitarist Alec Bathgate. Tall Dwarfs was one of the "Dunedin Sound" bands signed to the Flying Nun label, and they recorded seven consistently excellent albums and a swag of EPs. Knox is a cult artist in NZ and was was awarded a New Zealand Arts Foundation Arts Laureate Award. Outstanding solo albums include Seizure, Croaker, Polyfoto, Duck-Shaped Pain & Gum, Songs of You and Me, and the excellent compilation album Meat.

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