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Circle | Artist

Tags: Era_1990s, Genre_Kosmische, Genre_Prog, Origin_Finland, Type_Artist

Circle is a Finnish experimental rock band formed 1991 in Pori, Finland, by bassist and singer Jussi Lehtisalo. Other members in the core lineup are keyboard player and singer Mikka Ratto, drummer Tomi Leppanen and guitarist Janne Westerlund. Their eclectic style spans multiple genres such as krautrock, heavy metal, progressive rock, and ambient. They define themselves as New Wave of Finnish Heavy Metal. The band has many side projects and split-offs including stoner rock outfit Pharaoh Overlord, Janne Westerlund's Plain Ride and Sweetheart. Circle are prolific recording artists, with, to-date, 32 studio albums and 20 live albums. Outstanding releases include Zopalki, Pori, Andexelt, Prospekt, Taantumus, and the superb live album Telescope: Live at Cairo. Jussi Lehtisalo also releases solo works under his own name and under the name Doktor Kettu.

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