Clipping | There Existed an Addiction to Blood | Album

Clipping | There Existed an Addiction to Blood | Album

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Clipping "There Existed an Addiction to Blood" (2019)

LP (NEW) - Sub Pop, Europe, 2019, SP1330, 2xLP, First Issue, Triple Gatefold Sleeve w/ Obi Strip

There Existed an Addiction to Blood is the third studio album from industrial rap masterminds Clipping. The record incorporates traditional horror movie elements, aesthetics and themes to create a violent contrasting concept record in the context of violence in contemporary media and society. A crippling critique, but engaging nevertheless. Daveed Diggs cements himself as the true master polymath of our times, as their previous record Splendour and Misery (2016) won him and the band a Nebula Award - alongside starring in Disney’s Musical Hit ‘Hamilton’. The harsh yet contemporary beats carry his intricate and topical lyrics depicting murder, mutilation and partying across an hour of dark, enchanting rap that adds another gem to the hidden treasure that is this act. Recommended listening for all rap fans.

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