Current 93 | Artist

Current 93 | Artist

Tags: Era_1980s, Genre_Folk, Genre_Industrial, Origin_UK, Type_Artist

Current 93 is a British experimental music group formed 1982 in London by David Tibet. Other regular members of the group include Steven Stapleton from Nurse With Wound, Steve Ignorant of Crass, Michael Cashmore of Nature and Organisation, John Balance of Coil, and Douglas P of Death in June. Current 93's work, which can be described as Industrial-neofolk music, tends to polarise listeners and critics alike - you either love it or hate it. The sound is built on abrasive tape loops, droning synthesiser noises and Tibet's distorted, excoriating vocals. Tibet's lyrics reflect his preoccupation with death, Christ, mysticism and Aleister Crowley's occult works. Tibet is a prolific recording artist having released 46 albums and numerous EPs and Singles. Standout albums include Thunder Perfect Mind, Of Ruine or Some Blazing Starre, All the Pretty Little Horses, Sleep Has His House, the live album As The World Disappears, and the recent release The Light is Leaving us All.

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