Danzig | Artist

Danzig | Artist

Tags: Era_1980s, Gender_Male, Genre_Metal, Genre_Pop_Rock, Origin_USA, Type_Artist

Danzig is an American heavy metal band formed in 1987 in Lodi, New Jersey, by singer-songwriter Glenn Danzig, who was previously with with horror-punk outfit Misfits, then fronted death-rock band Samhaim. The initial Danzig lineup included Danzig (vocal, guitar, keyboard), Eerie Von (bass) from Danzig's former band Samhain, John Christ (guitar) and ex-Black Flag drummer Chuck Biscuits. The band plays a bluesy doom-driven heavy metal style influenced by the early sound of Black Sabbath. Having secured a contract with Rick Rubin's Def Jam Recordings, Danzig released its self-titled debut album in 1988 and toured worldwide in support of the album throughout 1988-89, opening for Slayer and Metallica. 1990 saw the release of their excellent second album Danzig II: Lucifuge, which many regard as their strongest work. After many lineup changes and two solo albums from Glenn Danzig, the band Continues to perform and record sporadically. To-date they have released 11 studio albums, stand-outs include their first four albums Danzig, Danzig II: Lucifuge, Danzig III: How the Gods Kill and 4.

Artist Website: danzig-verotik.com

Featured Albums: Danzig

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