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David Bowie "Blackstar" (2016)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, ISO Records, Europe, 2016, 88875173871, 180g Vinyl, MPO Pressing, Gatefold Sleeve w/ Die-cut Star Front

CD (NM) Near Mint - ISO Records, USA, 2015, 88875173862, Digipak, Gatefold, Booklet Insert

David Bowie's Twenty Fifth and final studio album released on the artist's 69th Birthday, 8th January 2016, two days before he died. Blackstar the album is incredibly powerful and, artistically, one of the best works he ever recorded. Stylistically it's more akin to his brilliant 'Berlin Trio' Low, "Heroes" and Lodger, than his later works. Always changing, always unique and always the musical genius, Bowie left us with one of his greatest albums.

David Bowie's final album Blackstar has several hidden secrets: when the vinyl is exposed to the sun it reveals an image of a galaxy; reflecting light off one side of the vinyl at certain angles creates a star pattern; and exposing the cover to black light changes the pattern to florescent blue.

Artist Website: legacy.davidbowie.com

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