Dead Moon | Artist

Dead Moon | Artist

Tags: Era_1980s, Gender_Male, Genre_Pop_Rock, Origin_USA, Type_Artist

Dead Moon was an American garage rock band formed 1987 in Portland, Oregon, by Fred Cole (guitar, vocals), Toody (bass, vocals) and Andrew Loomis (drums). With a strong cult following - particularly in Europe, but little commercial success, Dead Moon was an archetypal garage rock band combining dark and lovelorn themes with punk and country music influences into a stripped-down sound. Fred Cole started out in 1966 in garage-psych band The Lollipop Shoppe aka The Weeds, who released one album. Following that he and his wife Toody were in a number of Portland punk bands including The Rats and Pierced Arrows. Cole engineered most of the band's recordings, mastered them on a mono lathe that was used for The Kingsmen's hit "Louie Louie", and released the recordings on his own Tombstone label. Outside recording and performing, Fred and Toody owned and operated a guitar shop, Tombstone Music, for 30 years and also ran the Tombstone General Store in Clackamas, Oregon for about eight years, before Fred passed away in 2017. Standout Dead Moon albums include In The Graveyard, Unknown Passage, Defiance, Stranded in the Mystery Zone, Crack in the System, Nervous Sooner Changes and Live Evil.

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