Death in June | Artist

Death in June | Artist

Tags: Era_1980s, Genre_Industrial, Origin_UK, Type_Artist

Death in June is an English neofolk group formed 1981 by Douglas Pearce (guitar, vocals, percussion, keyboards), Patrick Leagas (vocals, drums, trumpet) and Tony Wakeford (vocals, bass). Pearce and Wakeford had previously been members of the political punk band Crisis. In 1984 Leagas and Wakefield left the band to pursue other projects leaving Douglas P. as the sole permanent member of Death in June, working with various collaborators. The band's sound has evolved over time from punk to post-punk, towards an industrial neo-folk direction. Early on in their career the band was branded pro-nazi by several commentators and criticised for their use of third-reich symbols, however Pearce explains their fascination with the ideology and history of nazism and left-wing politics in general should not be interpreted as a pro-right political stance. In fact Pearce's former band Crisis performed at rallies supporting The Right to Work, Rock Against Racism and the Anti-Nazi League. In 1983 Pearce began collaborating with David Tibet, from Current 93, and together they explored through their music their interests in magick, mysticism and religion. Death in June has released twenty studio albums, standouts include Nada!, Brown Book, But What Ends When the Symbols Shatter? and Rose Clouds of Holocaust.

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