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Deep Purple | Artist

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Deep Purple is an English heavy rock band formed 1968 in Hertford, UK, and are considered to be pioneers of heavy metal and modern hard rock. The initial lineup, referred to as Deep Purple Mk I, was Jon Lord (organ), Ritchie Blackmore (guitar), Ian Paice (drums), Rod Evans (vocals) and Nick Simper (bass). This lineup, recorded three albums: Shades of Deep Purple, which included the hit single "Hush", The Book of Taliesyn, and Deep Purple. These early albums were more psych-prog and even orchestral in style, compared with their later heavy rock approach. Deep Purple Mk II came about in 1969 with the recruitment of new members Roger Glover (bass) and Ian Gillan (vocals), replacing Simper and Evans. Regarded as the classic Purple lineup, they lasted until 1973 and produced a string of classic albums which virtually created a template for the heavy rock sound: Deep Purple in Rock, Fireball and Machine Head. In late 1973 David Coverdale (vocals) and Glenn Hughes (bass, vocals) replaced Gillan and Glover, marking the beginning of Deep Purple Mk III, which released one more classic album Burn in 1974. The band continues to the present day and has seen an all-star lineup of guitarists pass through the ranks including Ritchie Blackmore, Tommy Bolin, Joe Satriani and Steve Morse. Standout albums include Deep Purple, Deep Purple in Rock, Fireball, Machine Head, Burn, Perfect Strangers, and the live albums Deep Purple in Japan ('72) and Deep Purple in Concert ('80).

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