Deerhoof | Artist

Deerhoof | Artist

Tags: Era_1990s, Gender_Combo, Genre_Art_Rock, Genre_Indie, Origin_USA, Type_Artist

Deerhoof is an American indie art-rock group formed 1994 in San Francisco, California, by Rob Fisk (bass, harmonica) and Greg Saunier (drums). Singer Satomi Matsuzaki joined in 1995 when she arrived from Japan. In 1999 Rob Fisk left to form Common Eider King Eider, and guitarist John Dieterich joined the band. Deerhoof's music initially was distinctive for its creative jingle-like melodies and colourful instrumentation, including toy instruments such as Casio players, but over time they developed a more sophisticated sound with increasing use of electronics and elaborate digital production techniques. One critic described their idiosyncratic style as: "Creative, Catchy, Experimental, Raw, Atonal, Sweet, innocent, convoluted. Deerhoof is quite the paradoxical and quixotic musical group. They possess qualites you think would be mutually exclusive that somehow cohere to conjure up ineffable feelings". To-date they have released 16 studio albums, standouts include Reveille, Apple O', Milk Man, The Runners Four and Friend Opportunity.

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