Deströyer 666 | Artist

Deströyer 666 | Artist

Tags: Era_1990s, Genre_Metal, Origin_Australia, Type_Artist

Deströyer 666 is an Australian extreme metal band formed 1994 in Melbourne by vocalist and guitarist K. K. Warslut. By 2001 the group had relocated to Europe and also featured in the lineup Shrapnel (lead guitar), S.Berserker (bass) and Mersus (drums). The present day lineup comprises Warslut together with Perra Karlsson (drums), R.C. (lead guitar) and Felipe Plaza (bass, vocals). One reviewer described the band as "sort of like Venom and early Celtic Frost, only with the speed and aggression kicked up to 11". Deströyer 666's lyrical themes deal with blasphemy, nihilism, Nietzsche and warlike subjects. The band, and particularly lead singer K. K. Warslut, have espoused Islamophobic, misogynistic, and homophobic messages at their concerts. In 2019, a planned tour of Australia and New Zealand was canceled after the publicising of some of these incidents. To-date they have released six studio albums. Standouts include the first four albums: Unchain the Wolves (1997), Phoenix Rising (2000), Cold Steel for an Iron Age (2002), Defiance (2009), and the 2010 compilation of various EP's entitled To the Devil His Due.

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