Dexys Midnight Runners | Artist

Dexys Midnight Runners | Artist

Tags: Era_1970s, Genre_Pop_Rock, Genre_Soul, Origin_UK, Type_Artist

Dexys Midnight Runners is an English pop-soul band formed 1978 in Birmingham, UK, by Kevin Rowland (vocals, bass, guitar), Kevin Archer (vocals, guitar), Jim Paterson (trombone), Geoff Blythe (saxophone), Steve Spooner (saxophone), Pete Saunders (keyboards), Pete Williams (bass) and John Jay (drums). They are best known for their songs "Come On Eileen" and "Geno", both of which peaked at No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart, as well as six other top-20 singles. Their debut album Searching for the Young Soul Rebels released July 1980 became an instant hit with its radio-friendly rousing "sing-along" style songs. The band then underwent lineup changes revolving around the core duo Rowland and Paterson, which included the addition of violin player Helen O'Hara. Their second album Too-Rye-Ay was a hybrid of soul and Celtic folk, and became a huge commercial success, led by the classic hit "Come on Eileen". The band then again underwent a major reshuffle and it was three years before they released their third album, the blue-eyed-soul styled Don't Stand me Down. The band released two more albums under the shortened name "Dexys" and is still active. Kevin Rowland has also released several solo albums. Standout band albums include Searching for the Young Soul Rebels, Too-Rye-Ay, Don't Stand me Down and One Day I'm Going to Soar.

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