DJ Spooky | Artist

DJ Spooky | Artist

Tags: Era_1990s, Gender_Male, Genre_Ambient, Genre_Dub, Genre_Hip_Hop, Origin_USA, Type_Artist

Paul Dennis Miller aka DJ Spooky aka That Subliminal Kid is an electronic and experimental hip hop musician born 1970 in Washington DC. His work is often labeled by critics "illbient" or "trip hop". Spooky is a turntablist, record producer, philosopher, and author, who is professor of Music Mediated Art at the European Graduate School and the executive editor of Origin magazine. He began writing science fiction and formed a collective called Soundlab with several other artists, in the mid '90s. His 1996 debut album Songs of a Dead Dreamer was released under the pseudonym That Subliminal Kid. One critic described it as "A very ambient and unworldly album in the Illbient genre pioneered by DJ Spooky. It was definitely ahead of its time and it's easy to see how many other artists either intentionally or unintentionally took elements from it, specifically in the hip-hop genre". Spooky has gone on to release 17 studio albums including collaborations with artists such as Kool Keith, Sonic Youth, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Greek modern classical composer Iannis Xenakis. Spooky has also created a number of multimedia works for The Whitney Biennale, Venice Biennale, The Andy Warhol Museum and The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Standout alums include The Songs of a Dead Dreamer, Riddim Warfare, Optometry and The Secret Song. In 2017, DJ Spooky started composing the music for Intercepted, a podcast produced by news publication The Intercept.

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