Dome | Artist

Dome | Artist

Tags: Era_1980s, Gender_Male, Genre_Electronic, Genre_Industrial, Origin_UK, Type_Artist

Dome was an English post-punk band formed 1980 in London by multi-instrumentalists Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis. Gilbert and Lewis were formerly with influential post-punk band Wire, and formed Dome during a hiatus in Wire's activity. Dome continued Wire's experimentation, often abandoning traditional song structures in favour of an industrial palette of found sounds, melodic fragments, occasional rhythmic noise. One reviewer described their sound as "like the link between Eno's wallpaper experiments and Cabaret Voltaire/Throbbing Gristle/Psychic TV's more aggressive weldings of proto-metaltronica". The duo released four studio albums between 1980-83, plus a more recent compilation of late works in 1999. Standout albums include Dome, Dome 2, Dome 3, Will You Speak This Word and Yclept. Wire reformed in 1984 without Gilbert, and Dome continued to perform and record occasionally. Gilbert and Lewis also release solo works and collaboration projects such as Duet Emmo, Cupol and P'o.

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