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Dr. Feelgood is a British pub rock band formed 1971 in Canvey Island, Essex, by Wilco Johnson, Lee Brilleaux, John B. Sparks and John Martin. None of the original members are in the band that still performs today. Their original sound was characterised by Wilco's choppy guitar style, their energetic vocals, short sharp songs, and a very tight rhythm section, making them pub-rock favourites and forerunners to the Punk rock sound which peaked in '77. Wilco left after their third album Stupidity went to the top of the UK charts. Wilco was replaced by John "Gypie" Mayo but the band was never quite the same again. Wilco went on to have a successful career as a musician and actor. Outstanding Dr Feelgood albums include Down by the Jetty, Malpractice, Stupidity and Be Seeing You.

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