Dungen | Artist

Dungen | Artist

Tags: Era_2000s, Genre_Indie, Genre_Psych, Origin_Sweden, Type_Artist

Dungen is a Swedish psychedelic rock band formed 1999 in Stockholm, Sweden, fronted by singer/composer Gustav Ejstes (vocals, guitar, drums, bass, keyboards) with support members Reine Fiske (guitar), Mattias Gustavsson (bass) and Johan Holmegard (drums). Ejstes writes all music and plays the majority of instruments on the band's records, however they perform live as a four-piece. Primarily a pastoral psychedelic rock band, Dungen is also influenced by Swedish folk music, classic rock, progressive rock, garage rock and alternative rock. Although Dungen's songs are sung entirely in Swedish, 2004's excellent Ta det lugnt album was acclaimed within indie rock circles and established the band's international reputation. This resulted in the band headlining two US tours and landing distribution deals in the US and UK. In 2014 the group undertook a project to create an instrumental score for the 1926 animated film The Adventures of Prince Achmed to be performed live with the film. Dungen has released 9 studio albums to-date, standouts include their debut Dungen (2001), plus Ta det lugnt (2004), Stadsvandringar [Dungen 2] (2005), Tio bitar (2007), 4 (2008), and the re-mix compilation Häxan: Versions by Prins Thomas (2017). When the second album Stadsvandringar was released on vinyl it was renamed Dungen II. Also recommended is the 2020 release Dungen Live which is an assemblage of free jam instrumentals taken from various concerts. Gustav Estes is also a member of Swedish Indie-pop band Amason, with Amanda Bergman. He also played the flute for Australian retro-rock band Wolfmother's song "Witchcraft" on their live DVD Please Experience Wolfmother Live. The band name "Dungen" translates to English as "The Grove".

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