Dungen | Dungen II | Album-Vinyl

Dungen | Dungen II | Album

Tags: Era_2000s, Genre_Indie, Genre_Psych, Origin_Sweden, Type_Album

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Dungen "Dungen II" (2002)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Busy Bee Production, Sweden, 2020, BBP-082-LP, 7331915024823, Remastered, First Vinyl Issue

Dungen II is a new version of Dungen's earlier work Stadsvandringar, renamed for vinyl release. It has been remastered, with two additional tracks, plus it has a new cover. Dungen sound like they come to us from out of some time-warp, echoing back to the early 70s. For as much as the vocal harmonies, blissed out electric guitars and grooves might remind one of that time, the fact is that nobody back then really sounded like this at all. This is first rate psychedelic rock with infectious melodies that stick to you like glue, lovely, drifting moods with solid songwriting. Stands tall alongside the best of today's neo-psych bands.

Artist Website: dungen-music.com

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