Edge of Sanity | Artist

Edge of Sanity | Artist

Tags: Era_1990s, Gender_Male, Genre_Metal, Genre_Prog, Origin_Sweden, Type_Artist

Edge of Sanity was a Swedish death metal band formed 1989 in Finspång, Sweden by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Dan Swanö. Alongside Opeth, Edge of Sanity is commonly regarded as being the first to fuse extreme metal styles like death and black metal with progressive rock. In the early lineup, along with Swanö were Andreas Axelsson (guitar), Sami Nerberg (guitar), Anders Lindberg (bass) and Benny Larsson (drums). Over the course of the first five albums, culminating with the excellent Crimson (1996), the band's sound became increasingly progressive. Swanö left the band in 1997 and they carried on with new vocalist Roberth Karlsson for one more album Cryptic, before disbanding. Dan Swanö revived the Edge of Sanity name once again in 2003 to release the excellent Crimson II album, which was essentially a Swanö solo album. Of the band's eight studio albums, standouts include The Spectral Sorrows, Purgatory Afterglow, Crimson and Crimson II.

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