Eleh | Artist

Eleh | Artist

Tags: Era_2000s, Genre_Ambient, Genre_Electronic, Origin_USA, Type_Artist

Eleh is an American electronic/drone musician who began working in 1999 and whose first release was in 2006. He has so far been reticent about providing any public information on his identity. Eleh is also a member of duos Deceh, with Fellow electronic musician Srines, and Lineleh with Los Angeles based Richard Chartier. In his article entitled "In a Dark Church, Nuances of Sound Turn Symphonic", Ben Ratliff for the NY Times commented "He began playing a melody in slow, single notes, changing them subtly in pitch or oscillation into something else. The microscopic becomes symphonic, subtle gradations in tone become immense, pulse waves become rhythm". A prolific recording artist, Eleh has released 34 albums to-date, including collaborative works. Standout albums include the split release with Pauline Oliveros The Beauty of the Steel Skeleton / Drifting Depths (2008), Observations & Momentum (2009), Empty Summer Endless / Feel Free Installation (2012) and Pitreleh (2013).

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