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Eno/Wobble "Spinner" (1995)

LP (NEW) - All Saints, Europe, 2020, WAST018LP, 5060384618913, 25th Anniv. Reissue, Incl. Colour Insert, Digital Download w/ Bonus Tracks

Spinner was a joint project between Brian Eno and ex-Public Image bass player Jah Wobble, also featuring Jaki Liebezeit from Can on Drums. The album was originally released in 1995. It started life as the soundtrack to Derek Jarman's autobiographical movie 'Glitterbug', which was released shortly after the filmaker's death in 1994. Eno passed stereo mixes of the film cues to Wobble who embellished and built upon them to construct the Spinner tracks. The resulting fusion combines icy ambience with a kind of psycho-geographical funk. Brian Eno has engaged in many collaborative projects such as this, with John Cale, David Byrne, Robert Fripp, Karl Hyde, and many others. This album, which is arguably the least well know of the collaborations, is an excellent fusion of the distinct musical characteristics of the two protagonists which continues to deliver interesting and satisfying sounds 25 years after its release.

Artist Website: http:/jahwobble.com brian-eno.net

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