Fishmans | Artist

Fishmans | Artist

Tags: Era_1980s, Genre_Dub, Genre_Pop_Rock, Origin_Japan, Type_Artist

Fishmans was a Japanese dub band formed 1987 in Minato, Tokyo, by original members Kin-Ichi Motegi (drums, sampler, vocals), Shinji Sato (vocals, guitar, trumpet), Kensuke Ojima (guitar, vocals) and Hisamatsu (bass). Bassist Yuzuru Kashiwabara replaced Hisamatsu in 1988. They were known for their unique psychedelic sound and the distinctive vocals of the late lead singer Shinji Sato, as well as the drum playing of Kin-Ichi Motegi and rocksteady basslines of Yuzuru Kashiwabara. After recording several demos, the band were contracted by Virgin Records Japan. After releasing three good, but not exceptional albums in the early '90s, their popularity grew with the release of their forth album Orange which had a more funk-rock sound and foreshadowed their turn towards dream pop which would follow in the later 90s. 1996 saw the release of the excellent Aerial Camp album, plus the superb Long Season album in the same year. Their final album, the also excellent Uchu Nippon Setagaya, was released in 1997. Also highly recommended is the 1999 live album 98.12.28 Otokotachi no Wakare. Shinji Sato passed away in 1999 and the remaining members carried on under the band name Fishmans+, with added guest musicians including Bose (emcee) and Cornelius (guitar).

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