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Tags: Era_1960s, Gender_Male, Genre_Art_Rock, Genre_Prog, Origin_Netherlands, Type_Artist

Focus is a Dutch progressive rock band formed 1969 in Amsterdam by keyboardist, vocalist, and flautist Thijs van Leer. Jan Akkerman was the guitarist during the band's peak period in the '70s. Since December 2016, it has comprised van Leer, drummer Pierre van der Linden, guitarist Menno Gootjes, and bassist Udo Pannekeet. Several surprising musicians have been members of Focus over the years, including Philip Catherine (guitar), Colin Allen (drums) and P.J. Proby (vocals). The band got its first break as the house band for the Dutch production of the rock musical "Hair" in 1969. The following year they released their strong debut album In and Out of Focus (called Focus Plays Focus in the Netherlands), which received little attention, but they burst onto the world stage with their next three classic albums, Moving Waves, Focus 3 and Hamburger Concerto. Moving Waves (1971), sometimes called Focus II, contained the mega-hit "Hocus Pocus" which typified the band's style of orchestral prog-rock and its superb musicianship, in particular the guitar work of Akkerman. The band continues to the present day and have many fine releases, but none have topped the earlier trio of albums. The 1973 live album Focus at the Rainbow captures the band at their peak, and is also highly recommended. Focus remain one of the most successful and influential rock bands from the Netherlands.

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